Laura Anne originated from my birth Name Maria Lauraine Anne. I always thought Lauraine was too girly and uncommon plus people pronouncing it differently just made me decide to use my first name, Maria.

        I was always a shy girl since high school & apart from that, my facial features gave the impression that I was snooty, snobbish & unapproachable. It didn’t occur to me that I also have social anxiety, to the point that making phone calls, ordering food, inquiring for information & even talking to people personally made me uneasy & tense.

That’s where my pet dog came in, His name is Oz Peanut and I cannot thank him enough on how much he helped me combat my anxiety & panic attacks.


Since my work requires me to interact with people, there were noticeable improvements to the point that I made friends at work who understood my condition.

I am Filipina born and raised in Dubai UAE. I am currently residing in Dubai and work full time as an airline representative in a major company.

The purpose of this blog, is to voice out my thoughts that I am unable to say personally. Things that mainly restricts me to perform because of my anxiety.  

I will be writing about, Skincare & beauty routines, travel, Shopping hauls & anything related to pets. 

Thanks for getting to know me! I would love to know you!


      Laura Anne♥

Hello! My name is Maria Laura Anne. A Dubai based blogger sharing the things that I am passionate about. I am a skincare and beauty enthusiast, a haul junkie and a wanderer.
Thanks for dropping by ♥


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