Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas For HIM & HER.

February 12, 2019

Valentine’s day is the most anticipated event this month. Date nights, exchange gifts, or simply just appreciating people you love and letting them know the impact of their love on us & how it makes us a better person.

During this month, couples or friends (for singles), struggle to find what to get for their love ones. Here are some of my suggestions on what to get her or him for Valentines.


For the physically active girl in your life. This can also be gifted as a weekender travel bag.

Great budget Thermal photo printer that can be used for almost everything. Scrapbooking, room decor, etc. Just Simply use the USB plug to connect to pc, or bluetooth to print your desired image.

For the Book lovers, especially to the ones fascinated by greek mythology. 

This is one of the common & quickest choice for picking out a gift. I’m 100% sure this will truly be appreciated by your love one. 

A great practical gift for girls who works on offices or attending school/university.

For the women that appreciates art. This can also be gifted for tea and coffee lovers. This gift looks so unique and classy.

Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas for HIM


A great gift for the physically active man in your life.

This wireless headphone is specifically designed to withstand tough workout sessions. It’s light, durable & breathable ear cushions.

For the gamer in your life. Especially the true horror fans. Alternatively, you can also purchase credit or playstation plus membership from the playstation store and let him choose whatever game he wants.

A great gift car accessory for your man. This Dash cam also supports voice control.

This gift will be greatly appreciated by vloggers or aspiring videographers.

This shoes is equipped with UA Record Sensor™ latest technology in watertight casing tracks, analyses and stores virtually every running metric. Track’s run cadence & stride length.

Another great gift for a gamer. This gamepad can also be used to play pc games & many more.

Remember guys, at the end of the day, It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not, It always the “THOUGHT” that counts. You can always DIY which will be more appreciated.

I hope you guys managed to get an idea to pick a gift for your love one. I’m interested to know what you guys are planning to get for that special someone. Let me know in the comment section below!

25 responses to “Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas For HIM & HER.”

  1. Ashli says:

    That coffee / tea cup is ADORABLE!!!! I need it … haha I have a cup obsession!

  2. Folabest says:

    All these gift are highly presentable. Its a great idea for the season.

  3. Maria M says:

    Thanks for this guide, I’m always looking for great ideas for him since men are so hard to buy for. 😉

  4. Tara says:

    So many great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Arianne P says:

    I still haven’t gotten my husband anything! Great ideas!

  6. Neil Alvin Nicerio says:

    I’d love to get a Nihongo tutorial book for valentines. Hahaha. Gotta learn a new skill. 🙂

  7. Yonnah M says:

    Great gift ideas. I was having the hardest time coming up with gifts to get for my SO, but I finally figured it out.

  8. Great ideas!! I really have my work cut out for me to find the perfect gift today!

  9. Matija Antonić says:

    These are some really fine ideas, especially since you covered both aspects for him and her, and of course for that traveler in your life what better gift than a trip somewhere, it doesn’t have to be exotic, but somewhere that the both of you can enjoy 😀

  10. Lisa says:

    These are great gift ideas! I wouldn’t mind the photo printer for myself lol! Will share this with my other half!

  11. Alvin Red says:

    UA head phones 😮 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Keshia Richmond says:

    Great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

  13. Jolie Starrett says:

    Lots of great gift ideas!

  14. A man cant stay without his video games. That game pad is a good pick

  15. Folabest says:

    These are perfect idea. My girlfriend even ask me to get her an earring.

  16. Samar says:

    I love reading this blog, It is always crisp and to the point!

    Thanks for the ideas.

  17. Elizabeth O says:

    Very unique and fantastic ideas for the valentine’s day

  18. Some great gift ideas, the dash cam in particular i think is a great shout!

  19. aisasami says:

    Nice gift ideas! This will put a smile on that special someone’s face!

  20. Abu Zaid says:

    Basically, I love your article. And thank you for share Gifting Idea on valentine although i don’t like valentine. Thank you for share

  21. This is a lovely sharing, very useful & informative for Valentines Day gifiting ideas. Learnt some tips from your sharing here, thanks 😀 Cheers,

  22. Vaishali says: to this a day too late. Great list

  23. Oscar says:

    Great ideas! Definitely a suggested and recommended gift for everyone.

  24. Janay says:

    Hello. I’m late but these are great gift ideas. So often we forget to also give the man a good gift. Very interesting post.

  25. Thanks for sharing all these great gift ideas. Sometimes I ran out of options on what to give my husband, but you mentioned some awesome stuff here!

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