Happy Skin Face The World Air Serum Review

February 24, 2018
Hey guys, today I’m gonna review a local brand in the Philippines from the company called Happy Skin. I heard about the brand before they became popular and remember seeing their products on Instagram and they were also televised on our local noon time show.Happy skin consists of makeup and skincare as well.
Their brand caught my attention mainly because of the cute packaging they use for their products which also reminds me of the Korean brand Etude House. They also have also done collaborations with Sanrio (Hello Kitty, My melody), Disney, etc.

Happy Skin  Face The World Air Serum SPF 20 PA ++


Price:  1,299 PHP

Product Description

No need to hide anymore, thanks to the Happy Skin Face The World Air Serum SPF 20 PA++! Undetectable and weightless, this oil-free universal foundation color-corrects skin imperfections, minimizes pores, and mattifies skin, giving your makeup look a shine-free, flawless finish! This skin-caring base also acts as a featherweight serum with heavy-duty skin benefits. Light and fast-absorbing, this boasts a high concentration of active ingredients.

Here is my bare face before applying the foundation :


and here is what it looks like after the first layer of foundation applied to my skin :

What I notice after blending the foundation on my face is that it covered my freckles, the redness around the nose, minimized my pores and made my face look smooth. I added 1 more layer to have a medium coverage. The texture is light weight, hence the name air serum. It has a watery consistency and as for the coverage, it goes from light up to medium.


Second Layer applied :


What I didn’t like about the foundation, was that it wasn’t long-lasting. I have tested it when I used it for my work makeup for a  12 hours shift. Sadly after 4 hours I started to see the foundation losing it coverage on my chin and around the nose. Prior to applying the foundation, I have used Etude house’s face blur primer and Gerard Cosmetics Slay setting spray. Sadly, It’s not oil free in reference to their product description. In addition to that, I think It will be great if they added more shades instead of having a universal shade, so that people with tan or darker skin can try this out.

I have used this a couple of times but most of the time I mix in a darker shade of foundation to make it look close to my skin color.


  • Light Weight
  • Contains SPF 20 PA ++
  • Easy to blend
  • Minimize pores


  • Not long lasting
  • Only good for fair skin color or lack of different shades
  • Not Oil-free as it claims to be
  • Pricey for a 35ml bottle


     Rating : 3/5 

Although I love the adorable packaging & I really tried to love it because of the watery consistency which makes blending so easy, I would not repurchase it. I would still pick Missha’s M Perfect BB cream (They have the same benefits, and is long lasting & worth the price). I believe the Happy skin Air Serum is suitable for normal skin types & who are also light or fair skinned. I am still interested in trying out their other products like their lippies.
 If you’re interested to try out their products, you can check their website here www.happyskincosmetics.com.
 Thanks for reading! If you have tried this product, or any products from the brand, please feel free to share your recommendations or opinions on the comment section below.

5 responses to “Happy Skin Face The World Air Serum Review”

  1. i do not wear makeup but i was really looking for a foundation with spf, this is good! i’m gonna try it, thanks.. also love the cute store and packaging😊

    • Maria says:

      I recommend you try Missha Bb creams as they are very light weight, you feel like you don’t have makeup on. It has a lot of benefits on the skin, plus it’s a makeup and a skincare product.

  2. Corretta says:

    I love foundations that have SPF in them other wise I have to apply SPF then foundation. This foundation looks great on you!

  3. Care Calm says:

    The packaging looks darn cute. I hope to find this spf foundation in my country. Haven’t seen it before.

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