Trying out Microblading

January 29, 2018

Hey guys! Today I am gonna share with you my experience and results with 6D eyebrow embroidery or microblading. I’ve been wanting to get my brows done a long time ago. I really have a hard time applying makeup on my brows which takes a lot of time whenever I do my makeup. This is why I have decided to go on with semi-permanent makeup.

 You want to make sure it’s done professionally so you tend to look for experts with good reviews with a reasonable price. I got mine done at Jacq’s Browing Up (Philippines). For more information about the price and services, kindly check out her Facebook page.

There are some steps that you must follow before the 6D eyebrow embroidery procedure.

  • Avoid intake of alcohol, aspirin or Ibuprofen as they may thin your blood for 72 hours.
  • Avoid tanning so they can assess your natural skin tone.
  • Avoid facial scrubs or chemical peeling treatments to your face prior to the procedure.
  • Avoid taking vitamins or supplements 1 week before the procedure which may contribute to thinning the blood & may affect anesthetic efficacy. You may resume taking vitamins 72 hours after.


Here’s a picture of my centipede brows before the procedure.

If you can’t decide what eyebrow shape suits your face better, you can always ask the artist for their opinion and they’ll be happy to do a draft on your brows until you pick what’s best. You can always check on Pinterest and show your ideal brow shape.

Though the procedure almost took 3 hours, I didn’t feel uncomfortable. In fact, I fell asleep. The artist first drafted out the brow shape that fits my face using an eyebrow pencil after agreeing to the shape.

After deciding on the brow shape, a numbing cream was applied to my brows for 30-40mins. After removing the numbing cream, the artist told me if I felt any discomfort at any point during the procedure to inform her and additional numbing cream will be applied. I didn’t feel any pain but a slight sting which is tolerable.


(Numbing Cream Applied for 30-40 mins)

As I said, as the artist started creating strokes on my eyebrows, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I felt a little sting but it didn’t really bother me.

And here’s the end result,

In the beginning of my post, I shared with you some pre-post care before microblading. Now here are some aftercare procedures that should be followed in order maintain you’re newly microbladed brows.

Day one (Day of treatment) to Day three

  •  3 hours after the procedure, clean browse using a q-tip and lightly moisten with distilled or cooled down boiling water. Gently wipe away any lymphatic liquid (clear yellowish liquid) that may have built up. Lightly pat dry with tissue and using a q-tip, re-apply a thin layer of Fougera to the brows.
  • Wipe the brows with moistened cotton pad every 3 hours for normal skin ( 6 hours for oily skin ), then re-apply a thin layer of fougera/aftercare cream every time. This will ensure your brows won’t get infected.
  • At night, wash the treated area with warm water and a mild soap like Cetaphil. Wash your hands with a disinfectant soap before touching your eyebrows and/or applying the post care cream.

Day four to Day Seven

  • Repeat the wiping of the brows and application of a thin layer of fougera/ after care cream 2x a day.
  • At night clean the treated area with warm water and a mild soap like Cetaphil. Wash your hands with a disinfectant soap before cleaning your eyebrow, dry it, and apply post care cream.

Do not over apply Fougera/ After Care cream, as it may lighten the ink of your brows.

Do not wet the brows for at least 14 days. When showering, make sure to avoid face area. When washing face, make sure to avoid brows.

Do not apply make up on the brow area for a minimum of 10 days. Microbladed area is an open wound, using makeup may cause infections.

Brow area will feel slightly itchy as it heals, and will start to lightly scab over. Do not peel or pick at the scabs as this can affect the outcome and pigmentation.

and most importantly, when your brows are healed, apply sunscreen gently on the brows to avoid the pigment to lighten or fade.

According to the artist, the brows will scab and naturally peel off, then the color will lighten a bit but the color will not fade. Which is why it is advised to come back for a retouch after a month & the next retouch will be next year.

This is the outcome a few hours after the procedure.

 And this is what it looks like 3 weeks after,

I noticed the color became lighter but still visible. The result is satisfying and looks very natural! I do have to come back through for a touch up as instructed by the artist so it would last longer.

Again, this procedure is ideal for people who are struggling to groom/shape, apply makeup, or if you have aging and sparse brows. 

Thanks for reading! Updates will be posted after the final touch up is done.


Disclaimer: The procedure mentioned above was purchased by my own money. The post care and aftercare mentioned above was provided by the artist as a guide for the clients. 

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