Dubai Pet Festival 2017

December 16, 2017

Hey Guys!

 Yesterday, I’ve attended the long-awaited event for me and my pug Oz. Every year, Dubai host’s the Pet festival during the winter season so that the pets won’t have a hard time with the weather.

I really appreciate the team managing this event as it helps Dubai to become open for residents with pets as there are less pet-friendly places here.

I would have to say, the event was not like last year’s event where it was lively and lots of attractions that your pet can visit. It was actually sad going there because It was also a pet market. It’s just heartbreaking to see pet’s caged while they watch other pets walk around freely.

The only positive thing is that people get to pet them and make them feel loved, but after that, that’s it…  They’re back in the cage again wondering when they will get their family.

If only I can win a million dirhams, I will buy all of them and give all the love they need.

Moving on to the event,

Before entering the main venue, there was a mandatory health check for the pets to see if their vaccines are up to date and if they’re microchipped and registered in Dubai Municipality.  They also categorize the temperament of the pets by placing color-coded ribbons on their leash so that pet parents are aware which pets might act aggressively with other pets. It’s just a precaution for the safety of all the pets.

When we arrived, we were confused and wondering if we came early or the booths and activities were just really less. I really wish they made the event lively as it only happens once a year.

There were various booth’s which gave out freebies for our beloved fur babies. There were also mobile grooming vans, medical check-up stalls, pet accessories and necessities like clothes, medicines, toys food, treats, and grooming materials. Freshly baked treats were also available for purchase.

Here’s Oz being a good boy while the gentleman demonstrates to people techniques how to cut dog’s nails easier.

While roaming around, there was also bowls of fresh water on most booth’s we passed by to ensure the pets are well hydrated.

We came across pet shops will sell’s different breeds of dogs, cats, and birds.

I made sure to pet most of the pets there so they feel loved and wanted. Poor sweet babies. Oz also greeted them.

One particular shop caught my attention as I saw two puppies running out from the shop. I was worried they might get lost, but the shopkeeper said they let them out once in a while to socialize with other pets. So oz played with them and made sure they had a fun time.

Just look at this cute baby! So adorable that I didn’t want to let him go 🙁 He reminded me when Oz was still a puppy. So sweet and playful. 

We also met adorable doggies that we’re excited to play with oz. I was actually planning to lie down and let all the dogs lick me! lol :)) It feels like heaven! Here are some pics of Oz’s playmates.

Before we left, Oz got a lot of freebies which he was really excited to try out!

There’s not much really to criticise since is a free event.  Overall the experience was nice since Oz got to walk around and see other pets. I just wish they make it lively next year and provide more activities for pets. There weren’t lots of food choices for pet parents, hopefully, they add more choices.

Thank you so much for reading!

9 responses to “Dubai Pet Festival 2017”

  1. Toni says:

    Aww these babies are so cute! I love the pug. Great post!

  2. Abi says:

    Oh my; this looks like my kind of Expo 🙂 Unfortunately my poochey wouldn’t cope with the heat even in Dubai winter. This is definitely on my bucket list for the future. Great Post

    • Maria says:

      Yes, that true. My pug was a bit struggling to breathe but he was okay all throughout the day when we kept drinking water and was cooling down on the grass. Thanks for reading!

  3. Kalyani says:

    I love pugs!! Yours is extremely cute. The festival looked like it was so much fun. I have a friend who lives in Dubai and I will have to send her this link, as I know she would love to participate in something like this. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Crisly says:

    they are so cute and adorable. Would love to see a pic of these lovelies licking just like our 6 malinois does to me 🙂

  5. Alvin Red says:

    Great read…..awesome dogs….love you Oz!!

  6. Wow!!! Such an adorable dogs 🐶 Thanks for sharing this!

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