What’s in my Bag?

October 14, 2017

Hey Guys! Today I want to show you what items I carry in my bag whenever I go out to do some errands. I don’t like overflowing my bag with unnecessary stuff and so I make sure I only grab the essentials.




Wallet from New Look

My wallet carries all my ID’s, Discount cards, Membership cards, Nol card (for bus & train transportation) and my Debit card. I mostly don’t carry that much cash on me because I don’t like touching money & I lose track on how much I have spent. So I prefer using my debit card in most of my transactions. I very much prefer cashless transactions. I keep a little cash for emergency purposes.

Power Banks and Charger’s (yes,I need more than one)


Power Banks from Lifestyle & Typo

Don’t you just hate when your battery is less than 20%? To the point that you are forced to either put it on low power mode or airplane mode just to conserve that little juice left.

I carry at least two with me & a charger(whenever I have coffee at coffee shops & use their outlet) . One of my power bank is a phone case charger that I got from Lifestyle(they always have this cute tech accessories for you phone). Aside from the fact that it looks chic, I love how you don’t have to carry a cord like a typical power bank while holding your phone.

The other one is just a back up when the other one runs out. It’s cute as well but it only adds 30% of power.(If you don’t mind power banks with less power & In need of cute designs, I recommend you check out any Typo stores)

I don’t mind if I carry the original cord for my phone, but sometimes I prefer cords that are short and easy to carry. The one I am using is so convenient that I can use it as a key chain on my bag & charge at the same time.

Eye Care


Another thing you need to know about me is, I have a very poor/blurry eyesight. I’ve been wearing eye glasses since Elementary and it get annoying most of the time. Aside from feeling uncomfortable wearing it for long periods of time, it also creates that annoying dent in between your nose.

Every now and then, I switch from eye glasses to contact lenses. It depends on how long do I have to wear each. Glasses = for my work which requires most of the time to use the computer for 12 hours , Contacts = for going out or work less than 10 hrs. I’m seriously considering getting a Lasik eye surgery. But it takes lots of money to get it done. Hopefully next year when I have have enough savings.

and of course, sun glass for protection from the sun burning your eyes. It’s more essential when wearing contact lenses.

Girl Stuff


While it looks like a lot of stuff, these babies are essential to me.

Cushion foundation for retouching my make up whenever it starts to fade. What I love about it most is that it’s multi purpose, it’s a make up and a sunblock in one.

Face powder for setting my make up after I apply the Cushion foundation. and “No sebum mineral powder” to apply on my oily T-zone.

Lip Liner,Lip Tint & Lip Balm.  I use the Lip tint if I want a simple natural lip color, or lip liner when I want to have pink-ish lips. Then the lip balm is always a must before applying those two I mentioned above. I use it regularly whenever my lips gets dry.

Setting Spray to refresh my makeup and give me that dewy look. I spray it whenever I feel like my face get’s dry.

Do you ever get that feeling after you had your meal and you feel conscious that you might have food particles stuck in between your teeth? That’s why I always carry Dental Floss, because I can’t stand talking to someone without knowing I have something stuck in my teeth. The embarrassment is just to much to process.

Disinfectant or Sanitizer is essential for everyone. It’s a must to carry with you to avoid getting any germs. Remember, prevention is better than cure. 🙂



So that’s everything I have inside my bag. I like carrying things that are multipurpose so I don’t have to carry extra and space consuming items.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you and until next time.

I’m interested to know what’s inside your bag. Care to share it with me? Comment down below for your suggestions.   🙂








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  1. jamesnwanganga says:

    Nice one dear!

  2. I always carry too many lip glosses with me! Like that’s a bad thing…

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