Friday the 13th! (Horror movie recommendations)

October 13, 2017

Do bad things really happen during Friday the 13th? I don’t believe in such thing. What I believe is, you have the power to control how you want your day go by.

One thing about me is that I am a horror geek.¬† It’s actually the only genre I watch. The excitement, the twist and how you can analyze the situation and apply it if it happens in real life. Horror movies can make you think of the unimaginable, but it can also prepare you for certain scenarios.

Here is a list of some horror movies I enjoyed watching all through out the years, and don’t worry, I don’t do spoilers ūüôā


The Atticus Institute 


¬†It’s sort of a documentary, found footage style of movie but believe me, It’s nothing like Paranormal activity (Which I think is BLAAH). The timeline of the movie was based on the 1970’s era. The story is about a doctor who dedicated his life to study people with extrasensory perception (ESP) and¬†psychokinesis.¬† He documented his patient’s sessions where they have to perform diverse tests to enhance the patient’s skills, then he discovered that most of them were frauds except for one woman named Judith, who has extraordinary capabilities. He did various tests on her to ensure that she was genuine to which she passed effortlessly.¬† Everyone in the institute was amazed with her capabilities until she gradually showed peculiar and unsettling behavior. Here’s where you find out what happens ūüôā


The Ward


Movies like “The Thing(1982)”, “Halloween”, “Vampires” and “Village of the damned”¬† made me appreciate the creative mind of John Carpenter.¬† When I found out that he directed “The Ward”, I instantly felt like slow clapping after I finished the movie.

The Ward is a psychological themed horror. It’s about a girl who burned her house down and was shortly referred by her parents to an institute where she was provided therapy. While she was temporarily admitted to the institute, she made some friends who were also troubled like her. During her stay there, she felt like she was being haunted by a previous patient who went missing. Find out what happens next!


What Lies Beneath


This movie is an oldie but goodie film. The story is about a couple( Husband & Wife)who just moved in. The story got interesting when their next door neighbor approached one of them and confessed that she feared for her own life, that something bad might happen to her. Then as expected, their neighbor went missing.¬† The wife was concerned when she noticed her husband’s sudden unusual behavior. She suspected that there was a possibility that he was involved with their missing neighbor. I’d categorize this movie in the suspense department than horror.




Rec is a Spanish found footage style of movie. If you hate reading subtitles, there is an English remake of this movie called “Quarantine”, but I prefer the Spanish version just because I felt it was more scary.

The movie is about a reporter who went to interview and experience the daily routine of a fireman when there was suddenly an actual call where they had to respond onsite where the call originated. When they got inside the apartment building, they were confused because there were no signs that fire was involved. Upon asking information from the residents that live there, one of the tenants was ill and beyond terrified as she was confused on what was happening to her. As they were about to take the tenant and assist her by getting medical attention, she became violent and things started to get difficult for all of them.


28 Days Later & 28 Weeks Later

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This movie got me thinking what if it happens in real life? I would probably die first because I am so¬†unathletic. Lol. This movie involves lot of “run bitch run” vibes, “Ew” moments, and “too much feels”.¬† Part of my Horror obsession are movies about Zombies. I have probably watched all the zombie movies ever made.

¬†The movie is about a guy surviving from the infected or simply called as “Zombies”. But these aren’t your typical slow dumb zombies. They’re more like zombies who drank gallons of Energy drinks & will run after you non stop. These Zombies display violent rage, and when someone’s about to turn, the amount of blood vomit is disturbingly disgusting.¬† They are so creepily fast that it made my hair stand up all through out the movie.

There is also a sequel to this movie called “28 weeks later”.¬†Its a continuation on what precautionary measures were made to the city. I recommend you watch both.

The Evil Dead (1981)


Although most of the people only came to know about the movie because of the remake, I still prefer to watch this any day and not get tired of re watching it.

The story is about a group of friends who stayed at a cabin in the woods. The longer they stayed there, weird things started to happen especially when they discovered some old belongings of the previous person that stayed in the cabin which later on put each and everyone’s life in danger.

I strongly recommend you watch the sequels, “Evil Dead II” & “Army of Darkness”.¬†They are equally as good as the first movie.

Even better, they made a series called “Ash Vs Evil Dead” which concentrates on the life of Ash 30 years after his encounter with the Necronomicon.¬† I recommend you watch it as well.¬† According to Wikipedia, Season 3 will only be premiered on February 25 2018.


That’s the end of today’s list.¬† I hope you liked it as much as I did. If you have some recommendations, suggestions or feedback about my list, please feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading! Til’ next time.



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