September Favorites

October 12, 2017

Hi guys! So September just ended and I would like to share some stuff that I loved last month.


Irresistible Palette by Beauty Creations 

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Does the colors look familiar?? Lot of people believe its a dupe for the Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills.  I just love the color selection! The palette consists of 15 neutral berry pigmented tones. Best thing about it?  It’s only 15 USD and it’s cruelty free(yey)!

I came to know about this palette through this website called I was just randomly browsing for affordable makeup products and came across the website. They actually have cute makeup palettes that sells for as low as 10 USD & they have ongoing promotions as well.

I ‘irresistibly’ and unconsciously reach out for this palette the most whenever I do my eye makeup. Quality wise, it’s surprisingly pigmented. I use a little bit of Mac fix plus whenever I want to intensify my makeup look. But on days where I want to have that “no makeup look” or a soft & natural look, the pigments are good on their own.


Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation Concealer by Milani


I have a love-hate relationship with foundations. Mainly because I feel like it’s too heavy on the face. I had to try this one though because I love using the Milani blushes, and I thought to myself if they make good blushes, then their Foundation should be good as well.

Anyway upon application , I loved how it didn’t feel heavy on my skin. It didn’t also create that annoying dry patches on my face and its lasting power was pretty good. I started to test it for a 12 hour shift and the foundation stayed on my face for almost 10 hours. Of course I had to blot during the 8th hour, but still, It took that long to get my face oily. Coverage wise, it can go from medium to high coverage. Plus the shade matches my tanned skin.


Miss Manga Voluminous by L’oreal


Because I love using this so much, it’s almost empty. Unfortunately,  they don’t sell it here in Dubai so I had to repurchase this online. This mascara made my lashes look full & voluminous compared to the Voluminous Carbon Black mascara which made may lashes look flat. I use this for my lower lashes as well, no wonder why it really ran out quick. This product is my HG (Holy grail) for my lashes whenever I don’t use falsies. I will continue to repurchase this unless I find something better than this product.


Epic Ink Liner by Nyx Costmetics


Nyx cosmetics is actually one of my favorite brands. They have loads of good and pigmented products plus they are so affordable when you’re on a budget. More reason to love Nyx is that their products are cruelty free.

This is actually my first liquid liner from Nyx. I’ve been using K-Palette eyeliners(they have the best eyeliners btw!) which is a Japanese brand. Since my stock ran out, I decided to try something else, something affordable, more accessible to purchase and has a good lasting power. Luckily enough, Dubai made it possible to purchase most of the makeup products sold by Nyx cosmetics at Centerpoint or Lifestyle.

I am thankful that I grabbed this one! My eyelids tend to get oily 70% of the time, and it makes it difficult for me to find an eyeliner that will stay in one place. It really is an “EPIC” eyeliner. 

It looked perfect after long hours of wearing. It didn’t disappoint me at all. Totally worth it!

I am definitely going to repurchase & restock this product on my makeup essentials.


And lastly, Carli Bybel 14 color eyeshadow & highlighter palette by Bh Cosmetics 


Isn’t it lovely? I’ve been using this palette for my make up looks whenever I get that sexy feeling vibe.  The colors are perfect for a sultry look. The palette is also affordable,  has rich pigments and the best part is, it’s cruelty free.

The highlighters included in the palette are a bonus for the perfect makeup look. I use the highlighters on almost all the make up looks I do. It creates a natural sheer glow.  If they sell the highlights individually, I’ll be the first person to buy it! LOL. It’s seriously that good!

This version of the palette though is discontinued. But not to worry, they came up with a new Deluxe version with 21 eyeshadow shades and 2 additional highlight colors. I will purchase the Deluxe Version when this one hits the pan.

So that’s everything that I loved during September. If you have tried the products and agree with me, let me know! If you have any recommendations, I’d be happy to try it out!

Thanks for reading and I hope you stay tuned for my October favorites.


xx Laura Anne xx






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  1. Krishauna says:

    Your product shots look amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing your favorites!!!!

  2. Maddie says:

    Your blog is sooooo pretty!!❤️

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